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Phase 1

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February 12 – March 04 /  2018



Before we start to learn and work together, 

it's nice to get to know each other better.


In the next 3 weeks, you are asked to present yourself

and your class or group in a creative and fun way! 


In the Wiki, there is a school page for every group.

All pages are visible to everyone.

If you click on the name of your school on this page, 
you can start
 the first phase!






Get to know each other!

Who are you and who are the other participants in the Circle?

Think of a way to introduce your school, your class, your community or country. 

Make a song or a lipdub, write a story, or make a weird, awesome group picture!

Think about what is interesting to the other participants to know about you!



How are we going to do this and what do we need?


Step 1Present your class and school in a creative way on your school page. Use pictures, a short clip, a rap or song or whatever you like!

Find some inspiration from last year's Learning Circles here. Of course, you can also surprise us in your own way!


Step 2: Have a conversation about what Children's Rights mean to you.
Reflective questions about children's rights can help you to delve into the topic a bit more. You'll find these questions in this pdf to use for a debate or conversation in small groups or in your class.

Make a report or presentation about your statements and opinions and add it to your school page.





More information on Children's Rights.


On November 20, 1989, the Convention on the Rights of the Child was approved by the United Nations in New York.

By now, the convention is signed by almost every country in the world and it applies in 192 countries. In 54 articles, the agreements touch upon almost everything you encounter in life, from birth until your eighteenth birthday. They are about school, living conditions, health, religion, parents and friends, but also about child labour, war and refugee children.

Together we will discover how countries commit to the convention and what these rights mean to you and other children. Read more...



An idea for your classroom: make a tree together!


Put up a tree in the classroom. On every leaf, you can write a thought, opinion or statement about children's rights.

This way the tree can become a Children's Rights tree!





Greetings from our Ambassador Mohamed Sidibay.

We are proud to introduce to you our Learning Circle Ambassador Mohamed Sidibay!




Students around the world are meeting Mohamed. He tells them about the importance of education and how his life turned around.... 


Mohamed now travels around the world as Youth Panel Commissioner at The International Education Commission of the UN to tell his story and to inspire others with his dedication. You can find more information about his work on our GTP website and on the wiki page 'Resources'

He sends you "many greetings and good luck in this circle"!




Background information and Resources



To your school page: Click on the name!







School / teacher(s)

   The Netherlands
1. SG de MeergrondenMs. Marleen Dorresteijn and Mr. Mike van Tent – class BG2T


2. National College ‘B.P.Hasdeu’Ms. Dana Trocaru – class 10 B

   The Netherlands

3. SG de Meergronden – Ms. Ghada Idsinga and Mr. Gordon Vos – class MH2T


4. Lycee de Japoma – Ms. Kebila Patricia Nabila Langsi – group TieALL

   Germany 5.  Evangelische Schulgemeinschaft Erzgebirge  – Mr. Jonny Hielscher and Mr. Ekkehard Hansen – class 9 alpha
   The Netherlands 6.  Haags Montessori Lyceum – Ms. Tamar Schats – class Mavo 3


7. Danforth Gardens Public School – Mr. Matthew Malisani – class ‘Danforth Gardens 5/6 C'

    The Netherlands
8. Varendonck College – Ms. Neeltje van de Vossenberg – class AT3A

    South Africa


9. Hoërskool Uitsig - Mr. Warren Campodonico - group 'Hoërskool Uitsig' 




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