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Lycee de Japoma – Ms Kebila Patricia Nabila Langsi – group TieALL

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Our school name is GHS JAPOMA, it’s founded in Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon, in a small village call “JAPOMA”. Our class is made-up of 7 students from Grade 12 –Art and German. We are learning about children’s rights in our class.


 HELLO !!! I’m NZIE Dorothy Syntia from Tle A4-ALL in GHS JAPOMA. I’m  a  Cameroonian and I’m 18 years old. My school is situated in Douala, specially in Japoma which is a small village of Bakoko people. I like singing and dancing, and I dislike mathematic. That all about me ! Thank’s you …



Hi friend !!!

  I’m call SIEMENI KADEU Geovanie Faniole, I am 17 years old. My school name is GHS JAPOMA, I am a Cameroonian and I live in Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon. In our country, we have two seasons: the raining and dry season. I’m from the west region of Cameroon and the climat of my village is too cold. In my community, women use to dress with gown which is commonly call “KABA” and men are dressed with “GANG”. Our traditional meals are “BANANE MALAXE”, “COUSCOUS” and they are mostly accompagned by WINE and we oftenly call it “RAFIA WINE”. In school, my favorite subjects are: French ,English and german .Despite  the fact that english and French are our both officials languages, I fell happy when I speak those languages. At my break time I usually like to cook and watch the tv. I’m interested by the “timeline learning circle ” because I would like to learn much about life and also to grow up my english level. I’m so greatfull to know you and I’ll like you to know me too. Thank you !!!



 Hello, I’m MAKUITCHE BAYO Ariane Pamela. I’m 16 years old and I’m the student of GHS JAPOMA . I’m from the west region of Cameroon, in our culture, women are dressing “KABA” and “SANDJA” and men with “GANG”. There is very cold in this region and concerning our traditional drink, we have “palm wine” call: “matango” and like traditional meals, we have “COUSCOUS” , “NKUI”, “CONGRES”… my favorite subjects are: French ,English and german . I like skilling computer , watching tv and play football. I dislike violence. I decided to participitate to this learning circle because I want to ameliorate my English language.



Hi friend, I’m MARCELINE LIKENG, student of GHS JAPOMA. I’ m 17  years old and I’m from center region in Cameroon. In my region, climate is colder  than hot, in my community, to promote and respect culture, people dressing with “SANDA”, the traditional meal is “MBONGO’O” and drink “matango”. It’s nice. My favorite subject is: French. In my spare time, I like reading, dancing, singing and watching  tv. I dislike racism. I’m in “timeline learning circle” to promote the respect of children’s rights  and ameliorate my English. I’m so happy to know you and I’ll like that you should  know me too. Thank you !!!


Hello friends!!! my full names are SAGMI MBIBO FRANCINE VANELLE from TleA4ALLclass. My school name is lycée of japoma situated in japoma which is a small village of “bakoko” people but soon will be a city because of urbanization and development. I am   an African girl especially Cameroonian and I’m from the west region”bagangte”. Our traditional meal is “Koki and banana”. I like singing  ,reading and also watching TV that is why I have been interested in a learning circle  of our school to have more performance in my English learning. I would like to know you and I’m very glad to introduce myself to you. Thank you.



Hello friends my name is ADE ENGONWECK AURELIE I’m in Tle A4all in lycee de Japoma . I am a Cameroonian ,I live in Douala, in fact my school is situated in a small  village call “japoma” .My favorite time is dancing and singing ,I dislike making sport in fact I like to do this learning circle to try to see how different children don’t have the opportunity that we all have. Thank you.



Hello friends ! I’m NGASSA CHARLES WILFRIED from Tle A4all in Japoma (Douala-Cameroon). I’m originary from the west region and I live in Japoma area. I’m a Cameroonian my school and my country are bilingual. I am 18 years old . In my community, we speak BAGANGTE, BAKOKO ,BASSA ,ENGLISH,FRENCH…I also speak German . I like computer skills  , study , learn and play football. However, I dislike violence, conflicts. Thanks’









1.a)What are you allowed to  do ?

As children, we are allowed to play, study, eat…

 b)What are you not allowed to do ?

We aren’t allowed to steal, to insult our parent’s

 2.a) What rights do children in your country have?

In our country, children have rights to:  education, health, live, protection…

b) Do these also apply in different  countries ?

Not always , because in Ethiopia and Libya for example, children are forced to work and practice things that are beyond their age .

   3.a) What should the government  take care of?

He take care of the respect of children rights, build more school to promote education, build more hospital; promote sanitary held for the children’s of -5 year old.

 b) Who decide ?

  In the government, the health ministry decides to build more hospitals; the minister of basic    education decides to build school and other with the agreement of the president.

4.a) What is the difference between wanting and needing ?

Needing is simply to require something because it’s very essential for us and of which we can not do without example: food, water… While wanting is simply the reverse of need which can be explain as a situation in which once have the desire to possess something which the may still do without it and which have no relation with his/her living. Examples can be seen as search

5.a) Which rights do you think are fair and just for every child ? Name a few.

    They are many rights at children benefit. We have: live, nationality, name, hobbies…

 7.a) What should adult’s in your environment take care of ?

They should take care of children because they don’t know what to do exactly

           b) Why is this ?

                  Because they are more experienced than children.

        8.a) When were you very happy ?

  We were very happy last year.

               b) Why were you happy ?

Because  we succeeded to our exam’s .

              c)What do you need to be happy ?

We need to be free, to be listen.



Contributions Challenges:


We chose this Challenge:

Challenge 5 - Rights for Girls - Equality

here are our questions on the topic

1- how are rights for girls respected in your country

2- have these rights ever been violated? what was your reaction?

3-what major problems do girls in your community face on?

And this assignment:

  • forced marriage 

In our country especially in north Cameroon,when a girl arrive at a state of age they are forced to be married with old men just because of money or because the parent's of the girls have some problems with the man in question.Those problems can be:because of land or money.By the time the mother give birth to the child,the man will come and give her bride price.And at the age of 12-15 years old the girl get mariage to the old man.

Our learning goals are:

Our success criteria are:







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Hello Students form Japoma... thank you for your introductions.... can you please upload a picture? We would love to 'see' your group and school... Greetings Bob from The Netherlands

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