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Uploading files to the wiki

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See this page for more instruction.




Tips for uploading photos and files in a wiki:


Upload a photo:

  1. The pictures from your camera are often 4-6 Mb, three of those pictures on one wiki page will make the page heavy and slow, so:
  2. Before you upload your photo in the wiki: give the photo a recognizable file name, and resize it to 75-150 Kb. 
  3. Then go to the left top in the wiki, to the tab 'pages and files'. You will find a folder 'photos of participants'. Select this and then select 'upload' at the top.
  4. Go to your own school page. Click on edit. Click your cursor on the spot where the photo should be.
  5. On the right in the sidebar menu choose 'Insert links' and 'images and files' and click on the name of your picture.
  6. You can click on the photo now to adjust the size
  7. Remember to click on 'save' at the bottom.

Scan and upload a picture/drawing:

  1. When you scan a picture or drawing, give the file a recognizable name and save as jpg or png file.
  2. Upload the scan of your picture/drawing (as above in a photo).

Movies and Videos:

  1. In many schools downloading files is not possible due to security reasons, so we ask you to post your videos IN the wiki, directly on the school page, so it's not necessary to download it.
  2. So upload your video (.mp4 or .mov) to YouTube and insert the YouTube clip it directly into your school page with the embed code.

Powerpoint, PDF, Word and other files:

  1. Same story: in many schools downloading files is blocked for safety reasons.
  2. PowerPoint slides can also be saved as .jpg or .png images of the slides, to post directly on your wiki school page
  3. Or make a Prezi or Glogster. You can insert it (like a YouTube video) with the embed code.

Word file in the wiki.

  1. Same story for a Word file. It can't be downloaded in many schools.
  2. The wiki has the ability to create a wiki page identical to your Word file, super easy!
  3. So click in the left top on the 'pages and files' tab, then upload your Word file and choose 'save as a wiki page'.
  4. You can cut the text from the page and paste it into your own school page.

Do not link to a Google document, but copy the text from the Google.doc and paste it into your school page.





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